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We help clients to assess, strategise and plan extraordinary technological and operational change, providing rapid, expert and effective results:

  1. Business modeling
  2. Architectural development
  3. Specification & process development
  4. Vendor selection & management


We help clients to realise their business goals through professional project planning, optimal technical and process solutions, and high quality design:

  1. Solution design
  2. Network audit, survey & planning
  3. Tool supply & support
  4. Project planning & management


From trial installations, to complex international deployments, Flomatik possesses unique capabilities and a suite of implementation services:

  1. Materials sourcing & supply
  2. Integration & test
  3. Installation & commissioning
  4. Warehousing & logistics


We address the challenge of lean on-going operations, in addition to effective network and service transitions:

  1. Capacity audit & management
  2. Network maintenance & upgrades
  3. Ongoing network & service operations
  4. OSS, documentation & records

Recover, Reuse, Recycle

We provide the spectrum of services required to support the conception, scoping, design, decommissioning and removal of obsolete systems:

  1. WEEE approved services for value recovery
  2. Consolidation, migration & removal of legacy systems
  3. Resale, refurbishment & re-stock of used equipment
  4. Safe disposal & recycling of obsolete equipment

Value Added Services/Products

We enhance the lifecycle offerings with additional value-adding services and products:

  1. Training services: technical & professional
  2. Tool supply & support: OSS/BSS/GIS systems
  3. TAC/NOC capabilities
  4. Bespoke product design, fibre assemblies & materials supply

Satellite Networks

Flomatik’s satellite expertise reaches across the digital ecosystem of content capture, storage and play-out. The company helps satellite operators and their primary vendors to evolve complex legacy systems and to keep pace with the many exciting technological developments.

Broadcast Networks

The digitization of broadcast television and progression towards High Definition and On-demand, have had far-reaching impacts on broadcast operations. The additional pressure to adapt the networks to support high-capacity, high-reach services – such as mobile backhaul, rural broadband and smart metering – have required root-and-branch change, aided by Flomatik’s diverse expertise.

Wireless Networks

“Always connected and everything available” is an increasing expectation of the consumer. In partnership with Flomatik, operators of both Mobile and Fixed Wireless Networks are able to expand their reach, throughput and service quality, providing the wireless user, whatever their device, with an increasingly seamless experience.

Carrier Networks

Underpinning the developments in Access and Metro Networks, and supporting the exponential demand for bandwidth and service quality, are the Carrier Networks. Flomatik delivers pan-European services that are building high availability systems, providing mind-boggling bandwidths around the globe.

Access Networks

Fixed line Access Networks have undergone relentless upgrades since the dawn of the Internet, as demands for high quality digital content and Cloud-based applications become the norm. The resultant increases in data throughput, serving both consumers and businesses, have brought a broad church of technologies into play and required wholesale Access Network upgrades, with many led by Flomatik.

Time & Materials

The right talent, in the right place, at the right time; Flomatik has established a network of over 1500 staff and associates that can be brought to bear for its clients. Whether it’s a temporary specialist, and/or a more flexible labour requirement, Flomatik can quickly find you the right people solutions.


Many initiatives change shape during their lifecycle and demand an agile approach to resourcing.  Where high levels of resource integration are required turnkey & outsource models often don’t fit, but establishing sizeable new teams of temporary labour can be both slow and risky. Flomatik excels at structuring and building effective, flexible teams for its clients.

Managed Services

Clients increasingly want partners that can step up to take responsibility for delivery – to take on and address the project risk and complexity that temporary initiatives bring. Flomatik’s results orientated services can provide for simpler price-work, through to the turnkey delivery of European-wide initiatives.


In a world where it’s hard to differentiate, clients turn to Flomatik to outsource parts of their ongoing activities, particularly those that they consider non-core; areas where they struggle to add value themselves. Working with clients we can build the right solution, helping them to transition to these new ways of working.