Flomatik works with Virgin's Data department

on Monday, 16 July 2012. Posted in News

On the 2nd July, Flomatik started the second stage of an engagement with VM's Core & Edge Data logical Deployment & Support (D&S) team. The 40-strong Logical D&S team carry out the logical configuration of the switches and routers that make up VM's Core Backbone, Metro, Edge and larger customer IP networks that are installed by the Physical D&S team, where Flomatik have 5 engineers (Baz Collings, Carl Knight, Craig Glover, Mark Womack, Pete Kenna) already providing great service to VM.

Stage 1 saw Flomatik carry out a 6 week consultancy-level review of the D&S team's processes, working practises, supporting systems; analysing the effectiveness and the overall efficiencies of the team, advising VM management of any areas of concern and proposing an action plan to improve the operation of the team. VM have subsequently taken up our proposal and we have embedded a 3-person PMO team into the D&S area under a 3 month Managed Service agreement, with a view to a longer-term collaborative relationship.

Stage 2 aims to realise a conjoined, effectively operating engineering function that can keep pace with, and exceed, VM’s ambitious network capacity growth plans, whilst looking to introduce efficiencies through process, system and resource optimisations.  The team will focus on three key areas below with the ultimate goal of saving VM money whilst increasing output of the D&S team:

  1. Team management and work coordination - Flomatik will take responsibility for the PMO team and the workload management of the department, including Virgin’s contract and permanent engineering and coordination personnel.
  2. Measurement and reporting - The PMO team will instigate and act upon Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to align performance with Virgin’s business goals and other, more tactical management initiatives.
  3. Process and system development - The PMO will introduce Service Improvement Planning (SIP) to capture and progress any identified improvement opportunities.

To ensure we deliver on our commitment to VM and help grow the partnership further, Flomatik welcomes 3 new starters to this team in the shape of Paul Overbury who is heading up things as the Technical Delivery Manager, David Sutherland who takes on the Technical Analyst role and Nicola Cumberlege who assumes a Resource Manager role.  Each of the team have a vital and distinct role to play and come with a vast wealth of experience gained at Major Service Operators and vendors alike.

Flomatik delivers for EverythingEverywhere

on Tuesday, 03 July 2012. Posted in News

Flomatik's team working in Virgin Media's Core department have been a major part of the effort to roll-out new fibre rings for the Everything Everywhere - MBNL backhaul network upgrades. MBNL are a significant customer for Virgin Media, and have a challenging schedule to complete area node updates to support increasing traffic on their network.

As well as a talented design team, Flomatik has supported this project with experienced and skilled managment and coordination, working alongside Virgin's own access planning teams to ensure completion of 14 rings.  This total puts the project ahead of schedule.

Flomatik selected as planning partner by Emtelle

on Monday, 25 June 2012. Posted in News

Emtelle have been providing ducted network solutions for 20 years, and provide their customers with strong technological knowledge.  To complement their own expertise, the company has selected Flomatik as a planning partner, ensuring that they can provide the full spectrum of FttH services to their clients.

Some of Flomatik's team have spent time recently at Emtelle's production plant finding out more about their product range and trying their hand at duct configuring and blowing fibre; the above photograph shows James Parford and Laurie Veitch-Clark showing off their handiwork.

Emtelle Logo

Flomatik achieves Arqiva Gateway accreditation

on Friday, 08 June 2012. Posted in News

Flomatik is proud to announce that it has been awarded Gateway Accreditation by Arqiva this week. This accreditation enables Flomatik to directly request site access for Arqiva owned and managed sites, whether for survey purposes or electrical or mechanical work.

This is an important step in the process of taking on larger turnkey pieces of work for Arqiva, and means that Flomatik is now better able to manage these pieces of work independently.

The accreditation is only awarded after an audit of proceses, in particular Health and Safety, and the company is delighted to have been deemed to live up to Arqiva's high standards in this regard.

Flomatik grows consultancy capabilities

on Tuesday, 23 August 2011. Posted in News

To support Flomatik's continued growth into new clients and segments, the company is excited to announce the addition of two new Lead Consultants:

Garry Kelly, formerly of VM and expert in OSS, Telephony and Data operations, has joined to augment the business's existing capability and to help successfully leverage the current expertise into new opportunities.

David Arnold, an ex-employee of Everything Everywhere (Orange), XO Comms, Wanadoo and Bulldog (C&W), brings deep domain expertise and delivery skills in Mobile, Wifi and Broadband Local Loop (inc. LLU).

These further investments recognise the success of the company in growing new areas of operation, based on the knowledge, reputation and track record of the company to date.

We welcome them into the fold, confident that their complimentary expertise will help to guide, inform and deliver gains in those areas where communications industry growth is most evident.

VM employs Flomatik for Talk Talk project

on Monday, 13 June 2011. Posted in News

Virgin Media has again selected Flomatik to provide turnkey Optical Design, Transmission Design, Documenta Management and Project Coordination servics to support the realisation of the TTT mobile backhaul projects.

Flomatik takes on Data I&C works

on Monday, 06 June 2011. Posted in News

Complimenting an existing network engineering capability, Flomatik has been awarded a number of Data I&C activities at VM, including both BAU operations and turnkey SoWs. It is expected that this service area will find further growth and synergies by encompassing the fuller breadth of Flomatik's IP Planning (Physical and Logical), and Core Transmission expertise, to enable broader turnkey services across multiple technologies and network layers.

Flomatik employs a Head of Service Delivery

on Monday, 04 April 2011. Posted in News

As part of Flomatik's continued growth we welcome Matt Harrison, our new Head of Service Delivery. As Flomatik's client numbers increase and the company undertakes ever-larger and more sophisticated projects, Matt's role is to ensure, simply, that we have the right people, in the right place, doing the right things. This means his work will touch many aspects of the company's operations, from sales support and scoping of projects, to helping identify appropriate resources, to overseeing large programmes, right through to obtaining performance feedback - and more besides.

A long-standing departmental Head and Senior Programme Manager, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge & experience with him, coupled with an excellent, personable working style and superior results.

It's an exciting development and investment for Flomatik and further evidence that we're forging the right path to an increasingly successful future.

Huge Access Network Projects underway

on Monday, 07 February 2011. Posted in News

Flomatik continues to lead the way in supporting Virgin Media's largest Access Network projects. As Virgin continues to ramp-up to deliver unprecedented broadband speeds, Flomatik will be providing wide-scale support to a number of national initiatives in 2011 and 2012. Projects such as the overbuild of Southampton (part), currently an analogue only network without broadband capability, the upgrade of legacy Telewest networks to enable faster broadband in Edinburgh, Bristol an d Croydon and Metro WiFi, providing roaming, mobile broadband across London for the 2012 Olympic Games; Flomatik are a truly strategic partner.

An exciting time for everyone, especially the consumer!

Flomatik wins Virgin's C&W design project

on Thursday, 23 December 2010. Posted in News

Flomatik are undertaking a managed service to deliver Optical Design Services to Virgin. These services will support a Local Loop Unbundling project, being carried out by Virgin Media for Cable and Wireless. The survey and design work that Flomatik will undertake will enable 1GbE "dark fibre" links to be created capable of carrying transmission systems nationally across VM's optical network. Alongside the Design Services, Flomatik is also providing Document Management support to the C&W LLU project, to ensure that excellent quality documentation is produced and delivered to the end customer.

BT N. Ireland work with Flomatik for As-Built Catch-Up

on Thursday, 23 December 2010. Posted in News

Further to a successful project providing FttC Planning support earlier this year, BT Northern Ireland has engaged Flomatik to migrate data currently in paper records onto electronic inventory systems. By capturing the location of duct and fibre network, BT expects to be better able to serve customers who require new connections, and reduce the time taken to address faults that arise. This program of records migration and automation, is known as Network Engineering Journey (NEJ) and is a key dependency on the implementation of BT's Next Generation Access Network (Fibre to the Cabinet / Premise).

Motorola working with Flomatik at Virgin

on Thursday, 23 December 2010. Posted in News

Flomatik will be supporting Motorola in an Access Engineering project aimed at replacing legacy equipment at Virgin, with Motorola's latest generation of RF Amplifiers. Flomatik are also supporting Motorola with a Professional Service offering designed to support the SI & deployment of their innovative VoD platform.

We hope this is the start of a long and prosperous relationship.

Virgin select Flomatik for As-built Records Audit

on Monday, 25 October 2010. Posted in News

To support Virgin Media's programme to address legacy records, Flomatik have been engaged to conduct a number of regional audits of existing paper and electronic files, for subsequent migration into Virgin's latest inventory systems, both physical and geographical.

It is expected that this work will extend across Virgin's UK footprint and hoped that it will lead to a larger managed service for Virgin, to assess, capture and validate the existing record stock, thus lowing Virgin's ongoing operations and cost of ownership.

Flomatik launch GPS Services

on Monday, 25 October 2010. Posted in News

Flomatik have launched a new service using state-of-the-art GNSS (GPS) technologies to record physical plant locations for network operators and construction companies. GNSS is a highly effective and accurate method for creating As-built inventory and for validating contractor records and charges and is a growing requirement for operators operating under the HAUC guidelines - as well as those looking to provide improved plant protection and location to reduce ongoing operating costs. Survey outputs can be in flat-file, graphical or GIS formats and represent a considerable step forward on previous methods.

Flomatik's first client of this service will be Next Level, a leading construction company currently deploying fibre optic networks across the South of England.

Virgin ramp-up for VOD Encryption

on Monday, 18 October 2010. Posted in News

As part of Virgin's initiative to deploy their next generation of Edge QAM's - in order to enable VOD encryption - Flomatik will be providing a managed Engineering, Operations & Testing service.

Flomatik's existing engineering & operations team of 9 personnel, operating within Virgin's DTV environment, will be growing to 14 personnel for the project, scheduled to last until Q2, 2011.

Virgin's continued engagement of Flomatik for DTV services is indicative of the quality of personnel, management support and value, that have been delivered to date.