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FttX tower 713

Installing deep fibre infrastructure can offer CSPs increased network speeds (& capacities), reduced dependencies on third parties, improved reliability and lower operating costs. It’s a compelling story, but also a complex and expensive one.

Whether installing fibre systems all the way to the home or business, or perhaps terminating fibres at cellular masts, cabinets or poles, designing, planning and building fibre optic networks is extremely labour intensive in either green or brown-field environments.

To address this need, Flomatik currently produces over 500K homes of FttX and, separately, over 1 million metres of trunk and backhaul design per year. With customised, tool-supported workflows, Flomatik realises a 100% increase in network design productivity when compared to traditional approaches and achieves an RFT of >90% (pre QA) due to process automation.

And requiring fewer of the scarcest network design experts, supported by new talent and near-shoring, a lean, scalable solution has been established.


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Flomatik provide FttX consultancy

Flomatik can provide insight and data-based inputs to assist CSPs when determining their FttX strategy and plans. Such activities can include whole-life cost modelling against multiple architectures, product offerings and network growth scenarios. They can also include the full architectural development, along with the authoring of technical specifications, design documentation and planning rules.

To help CSPs optimise their FttX investments, pre-planning analysis of target geographic areas and network end points can be conducted to identify ‘sweet spots’, drawing out demographics, construction difficulties, private areas and critical infrastructure considerations, such as POP locations, BTOR PIA duct availability, dark fibre, etc.

Adjunct services can include procurement support, ongoing partner and contractor management, plus full implementation management and planning/transition for operational readiness.

Unique network design automation

We combine the expertise of our planning team with in-house QGIS development for design optimisation, with Fulcrumapp and QField mobile GIS software. High volumes of cost-optimised, quality assured plans are simply delivered. With all components of the design pack integrated, and rule-based validation embedded into the data input, pack production is efficient, design changes are straightforward and RFT is high.

Vitally, our integrated automation tool chain provides intelligent, flexible and data rich information, through standard APIs, to the client’s own network inventory and asset management systems, offering numerous business benefits throughout the Design, Build and Operate network life-cycle.

End-to-end efficiency built in

With civil network construction constituting the majority of expenditure, Flomatik prides itself in meeting the lowest possible planned meterage of build per network end-point or premise passed.

In practice the combination of experienced planner intervention and our automation toolchain can deliver network construction savings of as much as 8%.

Field surveys are comprehensive, standardised via Fulcrumapp and QField and supported by high resolution red-lining and geo-tagged images, further supporting the CSP when managing their build partners and dealing with potential DFEs.

Additional, supplementary services include wayleave acquisition for private land, local authority cabinet siting approvals and ‘noticing’.

With the network built, Flomatik has developed its own automation to update ‘as-built’ records for complete accuracy. Any future network moves and changes can continue based on the up-to-date and accurate records.

European scale

Today, Flomatik employs ~100 planners and GIS professionals working on design projects in the UK, covering multiple network architectures. Coupled with our growing European Network Design House in Poland, we can rapidly scale to meet the most aggressive network growth programmes.

Collectively, our network design run-rate exceeds 1M end points per year.

Download the Planning brochure.


FttX 713

With just 8% of the UK able to get a true fibre connection to their premise today and with the UK lagging well behind many other developed economies, the race is on.

Owned and supported by Finnish technology company, Teleste, operating since 1954, we also have a business structure and Europe-wide scale to take on the largest of endeavours.

In as little as 12 weeks you could have made a FttX business case decision, analysed a potential project area and received completed network designs – and with the confidence that they will be right now and adding value into the future.

To find out more call Stewart Pert, Account Director, on 07903 653706, or email info@flomatik.co.uk to request further information and our detailed case studies.


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