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With ~80% of a typical CSPs’ CapEx costs attributable to network build, PIA represents big news.

To support CSPs in exploiting this emerging opportunity, Flomatik are BTOR accredited and are conducting both residential and business FttX PIA surveys and analysis for various Tier 1 and Tier 2 UK operators.

The result? Two of our recently completed PIA projects uncovered a potential for  ~60% reduction in the cost per premise* using PIA shared infrastructure (space rental), when compared to building network with more traditional civil construction methods. Further, that this analysis represents a modest investment at <3% of the CapEx required for a traditional NGA network build.

And with the first of our clients’ Access Applications approved by BTOR, PIA is a viable and attractive option for forward thinking CSPs.


Flomatik are both a BTOR Accreditor and BTOR accredited

Flomatik have an extensive understanding of BTOR infrastructure and the entire, somewhat convoluted PIA application process; valuable prerequisites when undertaking PIA survey and analysis for CSPs.

To realise each project, Flomatik provides its clients with a dedicated BTOR Accreditor and accredited team of Survey and Planning Engineers.

Each turnkey project is delivered within a PMO framework and supported by specialist Project Managers. The team handles all PIA activities and surveys, starting with the PIA mapping applications, BTOR portal applications and through to the submission of the meticulously completed BTOR survey sheets, to ultimately deliver detailed summary reports for the client.

We’re experienced

With our unique, practical experience of network planning with various technologies, architectures and business models, Ofcom acknowledges and consults with Flomatik as a leading player in the PIA movement; and working alongside Ofcom with CSPs, construction companies and technology tool suppliers, Flomatik continually develops its knowledge, processes and service offerings in this area, to bring valuable competitive advantage for its clients.

We use tools and automation

With a bespoke development of QGIS GIS software, loaded with Ordnance Survey (OS) base maps, we acquire the existing BTOR network records, cleanse them and augment this inventory view with real-world survey data. This efficient, machine-led process enables Flomatik to realise high quality, repeatable surveys, backed up by clear, image-rich and geo-tagged records.

Following detailed analysis clients are provided with a combination of map-based utilisation diagrams, highlighting both the usable and non-usable routes in each area or design, along with fuller summary reports that identify the overall PIA usage opportunities and other key network build information.

We optimise design

To take maximum advantage of existing BTOR PIA capacity, Flomatik can create the network design proposals from scratch, or optimise existing client designs as required.

We deliver a business case

Full technical business cases are offered to ambitious CSPs that seek to make swift decisions within time-pressured implementations. These might be for PIA exclusively, or combine a part-PIA build with elements of more traditional construction.


With Flomatik’s extensive network planning experience, BTOR accreditation, national survey and planning resources, and bespoke, automated workflow, we have the expertise to support any size of operator wanting to utilise PIA now.

Owned and supported by Finnish technology company, Teleste, operating since 1954, we also have a business structure and Europe-wide scale to take on the largest of endeavours.

In just four to six weeks, you could have a business case decision ready and an application for PIA submitted to BTOR – perhaps achieving a material market lead on your competitors.

To find out more call Stewart Pert, Account Director, on 07903 653706, or email dpa@flomatik.co.uk to request further information and our detailed case studies.

*Assumes national average rate for civil engineering.

**Supports Ofcom Strategic Review noting that 63% of the 90mm duct ends surveyed and 97% of the 50mm duct ends surveyed (between the street cabinet and the premise) have at least 42% of unoccupied space.


Read more about PIA developments in Ofcom’s Physical Infrastructure Market Review updated May 2019

Download the PIA brochure.