Q&A Spotlight

Sam Fan

Desktop Plannner

Q. I was delighted to work with Sam during the process and, as she approached her transfer date, I asked her what the plan was:

I’m going to start my new job as a Desktop Planner on the 31st August. Currently, I’m working as a Project Support Officer (PSO) at Virgin Media but still employed by Flomatik.

Q. That’s great, so what prompted your desire to move?

With my year anniversary with Flomatik along with my 25th birthday coming up, I had begun to review my time working there, to see if I was happy and if I could see myself making a career with Flomatik. Although I enjoy working with my co-workers, I felt that for me personally I needed a new challenge; something different.

Q. How did you identify which role would work for you?

I investigated other potential roles I could do within Flomatik and the desktop planner role seemed very interesting to me, and luckily there was some overlap between the role, my current role and my education. I had spoken with Steve Slater to see if there were any opportunities to interview/train up to become a Planner, he advised I was in luck and a Desktop Planner role was in the works.

Q. How did you find the process?

It left me very excited for a new career opportunity! (Just what I had been looking for). The interview with Paul and Savaas went well, I enjoy their energies and I was looking forward to starting the new role. However, there were skills I needed to gain before joining.

Q. I imagine that there would be several new skills needed. How did Flomatik help you to gain the skills you needed for the role?

I was allocated a development route, including some training via TalentLMS, which I had used previously a couple of times in passing, however this has now become an invaluable tool. I made use of my personal development days and the rest of the training I completed in the evenings and at weekends.

Q. It’s a big step; did you feel nervous?

I was nervous at starting on a brand-new role, but the training support and the support of the planning managers really helped me to look forward to this new role with enthusiasm!

Q. I’m delighted that it worked out for you so well! What advice would you give others thinking of doing something similar?

I would recommend this process to anyone wishing to find a new challenge! It’s great to work for a company that’s committed to helping people develop their careers!


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