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Anna Skrzypczak explores the integral role of respect and honesty at Flomatik

Written by: Rosie Holt

We’ve grown considerably since Flomatik’s inception in 2007, delivering at every stage of the network lifecycle. What remains the same, is our commitment to our clients, their projects, and their success — bolstered by the unique values we share as a collective.

And, because they’re truly part of our corporate fabric — underpinning everything we do both internally and externally — we’re keen to shine a brighter light on them in our new series. Each month, we’ll be letting you into the hearts and minds of our champions, who each maintain a sharp focus on driving positivity, loyalty, customer focus, and respect and honesty forward.

Up next, it’s Anna Skrzypczak, business operations manager at Flomatik, delving deeper into our respect and honesty value. Take it away, Anna…

Tell us a little bit about your role as a values champion:

For me, my role revolves around leading by example and embodying the core values that define our business — not only at work, but in everyday life. It’s a continuous, conscious effort to improve myself and a cause for celebration when my colleagues also embody these values, fostering a stronger team dynamic.

What does respect and honesty mean to you, at Flomatik?

Although we have different dynamics, expressions and emotions, it is important to remember that the way we communicate matters. These values help improve the way I work and provide transparency at an operational level. Remaining calm and constructive is always key, focusing on collaborative problem-solving and shared goals.

Honesty, to me, is indispensable in all aspects of life, fostering both healthy business practices and mental wellbeing. Transparency in our processes and communication is essential, as pivotal decisions hinge on the information we share.

What’s one of the biggest challenges that may be hindering progress for many organisations in this area?

Often, organisations forget that we are not disparate departments but interconnected team members striving toward a shared goal. Embracing diverse working styles, we all contribute value to the process. When this doesn’t happen, a fundamental question arises: why?

And how can this be turned on its head, to be overcome?

By communicating in a respectful and honest manner. These values bridge gaps and lead us to effective solutions. Focusing on personal issues rather than the problem impedes progress.

How do you see respect and honesty evolving across the company, over the next 12 months?

I think it will thrive. I joined Flomatik while working remotely during the pandemic. We all had to learn a new way of working and get to know each other and collaborate effectively, even though we had never met in person. I believe that values of respect and honesty help build healthy communication. This is a path on which we are constantly learning, and with each step we become better at what we do and how we do it

Which colleague is nailing this value the most right now, and why?

While it wouldn’t be fair to single out one person — not least because many team members stand strongly for our values — Boyd Brimsted, our chief operations officer, stands out. His consistently professional demeanour, even in challenging situations, reflects his unwavering commitment to respect and honesty.

Finish the sentence. The best part about being a values champion is: 

…the privilege of working alongside exceptional professionals, each with unique skills. Being recognised by these peers means a lot.

Finally, any overarching words of wisdom for your colleagues on the topic of respect and honesty?

It’s our conscious decision to behave in a certain way. I encourage taking a few deep breaths or a short walk before acting on emotion. After the break, everything will look much clearer and remind us that perspective is key to understanding and resolving any situation.

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