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Flomatik tech donation supports digital skills development for schools

Written by: Rosie Holt

The digital divide in England is well documented — with cracks widening even further during the onset of the pandemic, as children of all ages were forced to undertake learnings at home. Yet, two years on,  there’s still plenty to be done to help tackle this disparity.

While just a small step in helping to support the development of future generations, we were proud to see our IT support technician, Connor Jones, lead the charge on a recent donation to improve the resources available for local children.

With the provision of 15 desktop computers and two Samsung tablets, Bournebrook CofE Primary School will have a greater suite of devices at their disposal — ensuring no child’s education is hindered by a lack of access to technology. Environmentally responsible as we are socially, this initiative also ensures the greenest outcome of our unused IT equipment — extending their lifespan, and reducing our e-waste as a result.

Speaking on the recent activity, Connor commented: “Having been a pupil at the school, it was a privilege to go back and see it after so many years — and to know that I’m able to give something back to the staff, after all they did for me when I was younger.

I also had a very long and interesting conversation with the IT technician surrounding UK-wide budget challenges. This made them even more appreciative of our donation , as they would have struggled to get PCs in the quantity and quality that we provided to them.

“A special thank you to my employer, Flomatik Network Services, for enabling me to donate these resources. I think it’s so important that children get the best possible opportunity to enhance their digital skills, as these are so key for education — and eventually, in the workplace!”

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