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How values champion Dave Jones breeds positivity at Flomatik

Written by: Rosie Holt

We’ve grown considerably since Flomatik’s inception in 2007, delivering at every stage of the network lifecycle. What remains the same, is our commitment to our clients, their projects, and their success — bolstered by the unique values we share as a collective.

And, because they’re truly part of our corporate fabric — underpinning everything we do both internally and externally — we’re keen to shine a brighter light on them in our new series. Each month, we’ll be letting you into the hearts and minds of our champions, who each maintain a sharp focus on driving positivity, loyalty, customer focus, and respect and honesty forward.

Up first, it’s Dave Jones, IT manager at Flomatik, exploring why realising possibilities is key to company culture and business success. Take it away, Dave…

Tell us a little bit about your role as a values champion:

My role as a values champion is to promote Flomatik’s core ethos to staff and customers across the business — with a focus on positivity. We will be aiming to do this in many ways, as a collective, over the coming weeks and months — so keep your eyes peeled on our LinkedIn and Twitter, to see what we get up to.

And how did it feel for your colleague to nominate you for this position?

I felt truly flattered to have been nominated for the position — not least because this particular value endorses exactly how I try to work and interact with both customers and co-workers.

What does positivity mean to you, at Flomatik?

Positivity, to me, means maintaining a constructive and optimistic attitude towards work and colleagues, despite the challenges and setbacks that may arise along the way. It involves focusing on the positive aspects of work, such as opportunities for growth and learning, rather than dwelling too heavily on negative situations. A positive attitude helps to create a more pleasant and supportive work environment — fostering better communication, collaboration, and trust among colleagues.

When employees at Flomatik exhibit positivity, it helps build relationships and enhance team dynamics. People tend to gravitate towards others who exude good energy, and this can create an excellent sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among coworkers — wherever they might be based. A positive workplace culture can also improve employee morale, reduce stress levels, and increase job satisfaction, leading to a more motivated and engaged workforce.

I think a workplace that encourages positivity, and on such a considered and people-centric level, is a great company to be part of. As well as promoting a healthy and supportive environment that fosters personal and professional growth, it ensures employees feel truly valued and appreciated. Because of this, they are more likely to take ownership of their work and go above and beyond in their roles — resulting in a better outcome for Flomatik on both a business growth and cultural level.

What’s one of the biggest challenges that may be hindering progress for many organisations  in this area?

I think the biggest challenge in this area is that negativity can be contagious. It only takes a few defeatist people in an organisation to spread ill feelings, to a potentially huge audience. 

And how can this be turned on its head, to be overcome?

The good news is, like negativity, positivity can also spread like wildfire. If even a handful of people make an effort to be more open minded and optimistic, that can affect the attitudes of many staff — and customers — across the business.

How do you see positivity evolving across the company, over the next 12 months?

As the role myself and the other values champions play becomes more apparent to Flomatik’s employees, I can only see the positive atmosphere growing over the next twelve months and beyond. When narrative in the media continues to be focused on negative topics, this can be a real tonic for companies operating in any sector.

Which colleague is nailing this value the most right now, and why?

For me, the person at Flomatik that is nailing positivity is our CEO, Dean. The ‘all hands’ calls that he chairs always maintain a positive and productive tone, plus Dean genuinely appears to be hopeful about the future of our organisation.

This top down approach really helps to instil the right atmosphere. Also, Dean isn’t afraid to get his hands ‘dirty’ — from making everyone drinks in the office to enthusiastically volunteering to litter pick with the wider team. He’s truly nailed the balance between senior leader and personable colleague. 

Finish the sentence. The best part about being a values champion is: 

We are actively involved in shaping the type of place we work.

Finally, any overarching words of wisdom for your colleagues on the topic of positivity?

Positivity in the workplace is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. A positive work environment fosters creativity, productivity, and collaboration among team members — leading to better outcomes and higher job satisfaction for all. It’s a win-win for both the employees and for Flomatik. So let’s embrace it!


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Let’s talk about your project

Wherever you are on your journey, our responsive team is here to help.

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