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A culture of connectedness: How to create a diverse, inclusive, and remote-friendly telecoms ecosystem

Written by: Rosie Holt

In an era where connectivity knows no bounds, the tech channel is at a crossroads. As the industry evolves, so must our approach to workforce diversity, inclusivity and innovation. The landscape has shifted dramatically, demanding a fresh perspective on how we attract, nurture and retain talent. Dean Checkley, CEO of Flomatik, recently emphasised that creating a ‘culture of connectedness’ is the cornerstone to fostering a thriving telecoms ecosystem, in an article with PCR magazine.

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The hiring landscape has seen a remarkable shift, moving beyond traditional markers of qualification and experience. The idea of hiring for attitude over aptitude has gained momentum, recognising that a mindset open to learning and growth can outshine even the most impressive skillset.

As the tech industry spans international boundaries, understanding and embracing diverse perspectives is crucial. Different cultures bring unique strengths and viewpoints that can spark innovation and enrich problem-solving. By prioritising attitude, we not only build a diverse team but also cultivate an environment where collaboration and creativity flourish.

Practical training is another crucial aspect. Skills can be taught, but fostering the right mindset requires a tailored approach. This is especially pertinent in a tech ecosystem where rapid evolution is the norm. As technology continues its relentless progression, cultivating a mindset of continuous learning and adaptability becomes not just an advantage, but a necessity for staying ahead of the curve.

The rise of Gen Z, with their reliance on social interaction, makes face-to-face connections invaluable. Despite the convenience of digital engagement, the essence of communication, the non-verbal cues that convey empathy and understanding, can often get lost in translation. Nurturing opportunities for in-person interactions means we can empower our teams to develop meaningful relationships and grow both personally and professionally.

However, the reality of international workforces and remote staff must be acknowledged. Not everyone can meet face-to-face, and fostering a sense of belonging across geographical borders becomes paramount. Virtual connections can bridge the gap to a certain extent, but as we navigate a landscape driven by lightning-fast digital interactions, business leaders must strive to maintain authentic communication and facilitate collaboration through intentional efforts too.

As we traverse the path of connectivity, we must also remain mindful of our environmental impact. The contemporary workforce is increasingly eco-conscious, striving for sustainability in all aspects of life, including the workplace. Companies like Ecologi are leading the way, encouraging employees, customers and stakeholders to contribute to organisations’ broader sustainability goals. As the tech industry propels us towards a gigabit-connected future, a conscientious approach that aligns with peoples’ environmental values can be a powerful tool in building a united and motivated community.

In a world of hybrid structures and flexible hours, the role of physical offices is also under scrutiny. The traditional office model, while still essential for fostering meaningful connections, doesn’t have to be all-encompassing. Offices can serve as hubs for collaboration, innovation and team-building, while remote work accommodates individual preferences and needs. This balanced approach acknowledges the importance of face-to-face interactions without undermining the benefits of alternative locations.

The contemporary talent shortage also demands a more strategic outlook. As geopolitical and fiscal challenges persist, nurturing relationships beyond internal teams becomes pivotal. Cultivating personal connectedness and genuine communication resonates deeply in the telco sector, where partners seek confidence and assurance in uncertain times.

A successful tech channel hinges on understanding the nuanced needs of diverse teams, aligning these with consumer demands and the company’s trajectory. Business leaders must listen and adapt. C-suite executives are not infallible, but by staying attuned to their teams’ voices, they can drive a culture of growth, innovation, and boundless potential.

The journey toward a diverse, inclusive, and innovative telecoms ecosystem requires more than just technological advancement. It necessitates a human-centred approach that values attitudes over mere skills, fosters authentic connections across borders, and balances virtual interactions with in-person relationships.

As the world becomes progressively interconnected, let’s embark upon the cultivation of a culture woven with threads of connectedness – one that not only enriches our technological landscape but also moulds a more promising and equitable future for all.


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