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Martin Stacey’s perspective on our core value of customer focus

Written by: Rosie Holt

We’ve grown considerably since Flomatik’s inception in 2007, delivering at every stage of the network lifecycle. What remains the same, is our commitment to our clients, their projects, and their success — bolstered by the unique values we share as a collective.

And, because they’re truly part of our corporate fabric — underpinning everything we do both internally and externally — we’re keen to shine a brighter light on them in our new series. Throughout 2023, we’ve been letting you into the hearts and minds of our champions, who each maintain a sharp focus on driving positivity, loyalty, customer focus, and respect and honesty forward.

Martin Stacey, delivery manager at Flomatik, closes the series by sharing more about the importance of ‘customer focus’, and exploring how this manifests in our day-to-day operations. Over to you, Martin…

Tell us a little bit about your role as a values champion:

Educating the team on the importance of customer focus, as well as identifying and recommending improvements to processes and systems to better meet their needs.

And how did it feel for your colleague to nominate you for this position?

When I found out about my nomination, I was extremely proud that my colleagues considered me as that person. I felt honoured to be recognised, and a sense of responsibility to uphold and promote Flomatik’s core values.

What does customer focus mean to you, at Flomatik?

Customer focus, from a values standpoint, entails prioritising the needs, satisfaction, and overall experience of our customers. It reflects a commitment to understanding and meeting their expectations, fostering trust, and building long-term relationships based on integrity and empathy.

What’s one of the biggest challenges that may be hindering progress for many organisations in this area?

There can be a lot of barriers that get built between departments and customers both internally and externally, which can occur due to lack of understanding of customer needs, preferences, and expectations. Poor communication within organisations can result in lack of awareness regarding the importance of this value too, which can lead to inconsistent customer experiences.

And how can this be turned on its head, to be overcome?

Ongoing training for employees, keeping them informed about customer values and how their roles contribute to a positive end user experience overall.

How do you see customer focus  evolving across the company, over the next 12 months?

We’re committed to fostering a deep understanding of customer needs and encouraging proactive engagement at every level. Through ongoing training and internal communications, we will continue to instil a sense of ownership in every team member, emphasising the impact of their role in shaping a positive customer experience. By breaking down silos and promoting collaboration, we aim to create a unified, customer-centric culture that sets the stage for consistently exceeding expectations, in 2024 and beyond.

Which colleague is nailing this value the most right now, and why?

The person living the value for me is Dave Jeans. He consistently demonstrates a commitment to customer focus by going above and beyond in his work and maintaining the very highest level of professionalism to both internal and external customers.

Finish the sentence. The best part about being a values champion is: 

Having the opportunity to inspire and influence positive change within the company, creating a culture where shared values are genuinely lived and celebrated by the entire team.

Finally, any overarching words of wisdom for your colleagues on the topic of customer focus?

Each interaction is an opportunity to create a lasting impression . Together, let’s make every customer experience not just a transaction, but a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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Let’s talk about your project

Wherever you are on your journey, our responsive team is here to help.

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