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Quartet of Flomatik employees join WIFI to continue tackling gender pay gap

Written by: Hayley Paterson

We know how important our people are when helping to drive the UK towards a gigabit-capable future, and we’re committed to ensuring we continue to develop skilled representation across the board.

According to the most recent Gender Pay Gap reports (2019/20), did you know that 14% of telecoms roles in the lower pay levels are filled with women? And, at the higher end of the scale, it’s less than a quarter (21%)?

These are recent figures FibrePeople highlights, and the exact reason as to why we’ve encouraged our female employees to join its brilliant Women In Fibre Initiative (WIFI) network.

We want to collaborate and knowledge-share with other organisations so that, collectively, we all do more to help close the gender gap in the telecoms industry, for good.

Our most recent WIFI member is Anna Skrzypczak, business operations manager at our Group company Teleste, and who is part of the Flomatik team delivering full-fibre connectivity projects.

Speaking about what her main attraction is to the telecoms industry, Anna said she wants to “improve other people’s lives by giving them access to good quality service.”

Other WIFI members from the Flomatik collective include Judith Edwards, project manager, Fiona Box, QHSE administrator, and GIS manager Beth Campbell.

Judith said: “Fibre is an exciting field that continues to grow and translates internationally. It’s a truly diverse business. Gender doesn’t come into it in my experience.”

We’re looking forward to getting more involved in the work of WIFI and are dedicated to ensuring our organisation provides the nurturing environment for all employees to progress their careers.

It’s an exciting time to be part of our industry. Did you know we’re hiring?

Speaking about ‘why Flomatik?’, Fiona commented: “What sets our company apart is the dedication, understanding and teamwork shown from all sectors of the business. No one department or person is more important than another. We rely on each other as part of a team.”

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Let’s talk about your project

Wherever you are on your journey, our responsive team is here to help.

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