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Staying connected: Abi Shephard, Chief People Partner

Written by: Hayley Paterson

We know how vital our people are to the future of Flomatik. That’s why we want you to get to know them in a little more detail.

So, without further ado, we sat down with Abi Shephard, our Chief People Partner, to discuss her day-to-day responsibilities, what she gets up to outside of work and her hopes for the world of telecoms…

1. Sum up your job role and what you love best about your job

My overall responsibility concerns the people function including resourcing and learning. I love the focus we’re applying in developing our colleagues because they do really make our business what it is. Helping them to achieve their aspirations gives a real sense of purpose and job fulfilment.

2. If you had to describe Flomatik to a new recruit, what would you say?

We’re a family unit with a flexible environment and have dedicated and talented colleagues with a real passion to do the right thing.

3. Are you a face-to-face meeting person or prefer virtual gatherings?

Face-to-face always wins for me, but I do like virtual catch-ups… if they’re quick!

4. What has been your Flomatik highlight so far?

The introduction of the Business Partners into my team – the feedback has been fantastic, and we’re truly starting to see their impact now.

5. Who would be your dream client and why?

Virgin Media is one of our biggest customers so if we could have the same work with a comparator, such as BT or Sky, that would be a great opportunity for us.

6. Complete this sentence. Connectivity to me means…

… the capacity to connect with family and friends across the world through any platform.

7. If you could invite three celebrities to your dinner party, who would they be and why?

Eric Worre – I believe that the world of network marketing will continue to grow and be a huge success. Having the ability to create financial freedom on ‘your terms’ fascinates me.

Stacey Solomon – she’s funny, caring, positive and down to earth. Everyone needs dinner with Stacey!

Ant Middleton – an inspirational person, and I’d love to hear about his journey rather than read it. I want to really understand the strategies he applies when the ‘going gets tough’ to keep motivated in himself, and also when bringing the team along.

8. Where would you most like to visit in the world?

Australia – my best friend has just bought her first house over there and I’d love to visit.

9. How do you wind down from a working week?

I exercise, spend time with those I love and get outside as much as possible.

10. What are your ambitions – both personal and as a company – for Flomatik?

My personal ambition is to create financial freedom – whether that’s continuing to invest in property or do something that works alongside the day to day. I don’t want to work this hard beyond 50!

For Flomatik, it’s to have a culture where everyone has a sense of belonging and we retain the very best talent. It’s my mission to ensure we become the employer of choice in the market.


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Let’s talk about your project

Wherever you are on your journey, our responsive team is here to help.

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